Fossils Fishes of Bear Gulch

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2005, Dr. Richard Lund and Dr. Eileen Grogan
design, development, site architecture

This website presents research by Dr. Richard Lund and Dr. Eileen Grogan on the Bear Gulch Limestone, an exceptionally rich fossil locality in Montana that dates from the Mississippian (Lower Carboniferous, approximately 318 million years ago). Bear Gulch has yielded an remarkable diversity of fossil fishes, many of which are exceptionally well-preserved.

I was enlisted in 2005 to redesign an existing website site and structure it so that Dr. Lund and Dr. Grogan could add new species following their publication in the scientific literature. In addition to presenting accounts more than 50 described fish species, the website contains information on associated plant and invertebrate fossils, the environmental setting and listings of printed and web resourses.

(This website is no longer live.)